Can I take aerial measurements using Spike with my drone, quadcopter, or multicopter?

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2016 09:08AM MST
Spike is not intended for aerial measurements. Spike’s photo-measure capability enables you to capture height, width, area, and length of an object from a photo. In order to take accurate measurements, you must meet the following criteria:
1) Your target is a flat surface and is all on the same plane.
2) Your target is or has a rectangular shape on it (to align the object).
3) Your laser (crosshair on the screen) is pointed at your target.
4) Your laser (crosshair on the screen) is not pointed at a transparent (ie. window) or reflective point.
5) You are perpendicular to your target (or as close to 90°, but not more than 45°).
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