Requirements to take an accurate measurement with Spike

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2017 03:53PM MDT
To measure accurately with your Spike, you need to ensure that:

1) Your target is a flat surface and is all on the same plane.

2) Your target is or has a rectangular shape on it (to align the object).

3) Your laser (cross-hair on the screen) is pointed at your target. The cross-hair should be on a solid surface and not a window.

4) You are perpendicular to the target. Photo measurements taken from the optimal position typically see an accuracy of ± 1%. Please reference the following target distance and positioning guide when taking a Spike photo.

In order to achieve the accuracies shown below, Spike should be used with one of the calibrated devices listed in the question: ‘What Smartphones and Tablets are supported by Spike?’. Other devices may or may not perform as shown below.

Optimum distances and positions for Spike