Can I take accurate measurements inside?

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2018 06:41PM MDT
Yes, you can take accurate measurements indoors.  Spike has a Laser Rangefinder supporting 6-600 feet (2-200 m) range with a ± 3% accuracy for both inside and outside measurements.

To ensure accurate measurements with your Spike indoors or outdoors please make sure:

1) Your target is a flat surface and is all on the same plane.
2) Your target is or has a rectangular shape on it (to align the object).
3) Your laser (crosshair on the screen) is pointed at your target.
4) Your laser (crosshair on the screen) is not pointed at a transparent (ie. window) or reflective point.
5) You are perpendicular to your target (or as close to 90°, but not more than 45°).
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