How to take a Point-to Point Measurement

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2018 03:53PM MDT
A Point-to-Point measurement captures the distance between two points (objects)
The Point-to-Point feature requires that a measurement between two points is taken by rotating your body smoothly between the two target points.
  • Plant your feet in a single location where you can view both targets.
  • Keep your two targets within a 90-degree arc for best accuracy.
  • Your targets should be at least 20ft/6m away and within 325ft/100m

(Click the image above to view Point-to-Point Accuracy Requirements)

Maintain a consistent arm’s length and hold Spike at approximately
1 foot away from your head.
  1. Aim the Spike laser target icon at your first target and hold it steady.
  2. Spike will be ready to capture the first point when the border changes from red to green and the “Hold Steady” message goes away.
  3. Press the capture button.

Smoothly rotate your body from Point A to Point B, at a
consistent arm’s length, without moving your feet.
  1. Aim the laser target icon at Point B.
  2. Press the capture button.
Note: The rotation should be less than 90-degrees.

Point A to B Window

In the Point A to B window check the results and
select the  icon or the  icon in
the bottom of the screen.
Point A to B Output Terminology 

Details Window

Once the Point-to-Point results have been saved the results will be displayed in the gallery, as the Point A image with a white symbol of two joined points.

Once the Point-to-Point results have been saved, and no further editing is required. Additional details can be reviewed by selectingDetails” in the Point A to B window.
Target distance: Distance from the Spike device to the Point.

True bearing: Angle, measured in a clockwise direction, to true north
from the Spike device to the Point.

Pitch: The angle to the horizontal plane of the laser distances

Note: If you are not getting the accuracy you expect, your Spike device may need to be re-aligned with your camera to ensure the correct point is being captured. For instructions on aligning the Spike laser and your phone/tablet camera, see the Laser Alignment Video.
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