About Spike Cloud Subscriptions

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2018 02:19PM MST
Effective February 5th, 2018, ikeGPS will be launching premium features and updates to the Spike Cloud. These updates include the launch of the Spike Pro Plan and related premium features.

What is the difference between the Basic Plan and Pro Plan?
All Spike Cloud account holders will receive a Basic Plan to the Spike Cloud, which is a free plan. When new users create a Spike Cloud account they will automatically be enrolled into the Basic Plan, which includes access to all the features included in the Basic Plan.
Users may also optionally select to upgrade their Cloud account to the Pro Plan. The Pro Plan includes advanced features that users can opt into and pay either a monthly or yearly access fee. See question below for descriptions about the pro features.
Can I trial the Pro Plan?
Yes, we will be offering a 30-day trial of the Pro Plan so that you may experience and test the advanced features included in the Plan.
What features will be included in the Pro Plan?
Features expected to be included starting on February 5, 2018:
1. Scaled Image Export
Spike Cloud users can import a 1:1 scaled and perspective corrected JPG (commonly known as deskewed) directly into AutoCAD, Revit, ARCHICAD, Adobe Illustrator, Flexi, or CorelDRAW. This feature eliminates several steps in the design workflow process, including the need to deskew an image prior to import into design software.
Sign designers estimate that the Spike Scaled Image saves them 30 minutes of time per design. A designer on average costs $30 per hour, so at five designs per day that’s 2.5 hours or $75 saved!

2. Notes
Users can add Notes to a specific photo. While measuring and editing a photo, a user can enter Notes into a text box. This Note can then be used for collaboration with others who need to use the Spike file. For example, this person could be a designer who can read notes to them about what you have envisioned for the design or what to be aware of that could impact the design.
Notes can be viewed by anybody else who has access to that same photo in the same Spike Cloud account. Notes will be included in the PDF export, and can also be viewed through the Scaled Image export. The note is embedded as an industry standard EXIF tag within the Scaled Image JPG file. As a result, the Note can be viewed as a tag from within third-party software.
3. Advanced Folder Organization
Users can add subfolders to a main folder. This allows for more advanced organization of projects. For example, if you have a repeat customer, such as Chase Bank, you could have a main folder for Chase Bank and then subfolders by location or by location type of project.
Many users not only use the Cloud for measuring and exporting, but they use it for the storage of all photos taken on a potential or actual job. Enhanced folders allow users to keep their repository of photos organized, and easier to locate for future uses.
New features will continue to be added as they are developed, and Cloud users will receive notification of these features via email.
How much will the Pro Plan cost?
We will be offering a monthly and yearly subscription to the Pro Plan. The monthly plan will be $19.99 per month, and the yearly plan will be $199 per year.
Note: On February 5, 2018, we will be offering a limited-time introductory offer on pricing. The introductory pricing will be $9.99 per month, and $99 per year.  
What is the Spike Cloud?
The Spike Cloud allows you to view, measure, export, and share your Spike photos and measurements from your desktop. No software is required to be downloaded to your desktop to access the Spike Cloud. To create a Spike Cloud account, only an email and password are required.
Once you have taken a photo of the object you would like to measure using the Spike mobile app, you can upload that photo to the Spike Cloud. From the Spike Cloud, you may view and measure your photos similar to the Spike mobile app, and you can also access unique features only available on the Cloud.

What if I already had a Spike Cloud account before February 5, 2018?
If you already had a Spike Cloud account before February 5, 2018, you automatically receive a free Basic Plan.
How do I know if I already have a Spike Cloud account?
Spike Cloud accounts are created with your email address. If you received an email notification from ikeGPS informing you of recent updates to the Spike Cloud, then you have an account.
To locate your account, visit http://app.ikegps.com and select forgot password. Then enter in your email address so that a new password may be emailed to you.
How do I sign up for a Spike Cloud account?
Instructions on how to sign up for a Spike Cloud account can be found in this support article