Using Spike with AutoCAD

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2018 06:50PM MDT
Spike Cloud users can take advantage of Spike’s Photo Measurements as part of their day-to-day design work with AutoCAD. Simply take photos of a construction project using the Spike mobile app, device and a smartphone or tablet. From the Spike mobile app upload the photo(s) to the Spike Cloud, complete the alignment step, and export the Scaled Image file(s). The Scaled Image file(s) can be imported into AutoCAD, and then using AutoCAD’s native tools the photo can be drawn on to take all the necessary measurements for the project. Measure any height, width or area that is on the same plane that the Spike laser was pointed at
From the Spike Cloud, you have several different export options, including exporting an Image only (JPG format) and Scaled Image (Beta) file*. The Scaled Image file is what will be used to import into AutoCAD. 

What is a Scaled Image?
The Scaled Image is perspective corrected and 1:1 scaled. Because the scale is set, and the measurement surface has been flattened, measurement and drawing tools will reflect real-world dimensions.
Required steps prior to downloading and using the Scaled Image
The only requirement is to set the alignment for the image. Also, there is no need to set any measurements on the image.
Exporting a Scaled Image from the Cloud
Follow these steps to export a Scaled Image from your Spike Cloud account:
  1. Log into your Spike Cloud account by clicking on the “Customer Login” button at
  2. From your Gallery, click on the photo you would like to export the Scaled Image from.
  3. Click on the Report tab.
  4. Lastly, click on the Download button, and select Scaled Image (Beta).
  5. The original photo will now download to your computer.
Scaled Image Export


How to use the Scaled Image in AutoCAD

Import the Scaled Image (Beta) into AutoCAD and start measuring. For tips and visual tutorial of importing the Scaled Image into AutoCAD and measuring, watch the video below. 

*The Beta version of the Scaled Image is currently available at no cost to Spike Cloud subscribers. In early 2018, we plan to release a set of Spike Cloud Professional features, via a paid subscription, which will include the Scaled Image. The base level subscription to the Spike Cloud will remain no cost to users.