Using the Notes feature in the Spike Cloud

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2018 05:09PM MST
Notes Feature

The Notes feature in the Spike Cloud is available to users with a Pro Plan. The Notes features is not available for Basic Plan users

Users can add Notes to a specific photo. While measuring and editing a photo, a user can enter Notes into a text box. This Note can then be used for collaboration with others who need to use the Spike file. For example, this person could be a designer who can read notes to them about what you have envisioned for the design or what to be aware of that could impact the design.
Notes can be viewed by anybody else who has access to that same photo in the same Spike Cloud account. Notes will be included in the PDF export, and can also be viewed through the Scaled Image export. The note is embedded as an industry standard EXIF tag within the Scaled Image JPG file. As a result, the Note can be viewed as a tag from within third-party software.

Notes: Editing and Viewing

1. Click on Measure on the left side of your screen.
2. Select under the Notes header to add text

3. Click on Report on the left side of your screen to view the Notes. These will appear under the Measurements portion of the Report