Using the Advanced Folder Feature in the Spike Cloud

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2018 05:45PM MST
Advanced Folder Organization

The Advanced Folder Organization feature in the Spike Cloud is available to users with a Pro Plan. The Notes features is not available for Basic Plan users

Users can add subfolders to a main folder. This allows for more advanced organization of projects. For example, if you have a repeat customer, such as Chase Bank, you could have a main folder for Chase Bank and then subfolders by location or by location type of project.
Many users not only use the Cloud for measuring and exporting, but they use it for the storage of all photos taken on a potential or actual job. Enhanced folders allow users to keep their repository of photos organized, and easier to locate for future uses.
Editing and using the Advanced Folder option
1. Select on the New Folder icon

2. Next, re-name the New folder (i.e. Data 1)

3. To add Sub folders, Select on the PLUS icon

4. re-name the New folders (i.e. Data 1 Sub.. Data1 Sub 2 etc)