Correct Perspective feature in Spike Pro Cloud

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2018 02:24PM MDT

Automatic Correction of Image Perspective(in Beta) for Your Photos in Spike Cloud

Access and availability: The Correct Perspective feature is available only to Spike Cloud Pro Plan subscribers, and to anybody who signs up for the 30-day trial of the Pro Plan

This feature will improve the accuracy of your measurements along with helping to save you time measuring your photos.

Instead of manually correcting the perspective of a photo by drawing an alignment rectangle, you can now use the Correct Perspective (beta) button. When you use the Correct Perspective feature, Spike will automatically correct the perspective of a photo, ensuring greater accuracy of measurements. Then you can immediately start taking measurements. 

How to use the Correct Perspective feature (in Beta) in Spike Cloud

1. Access an image that has been uploaded to the Spike Cloud.

2. Select Open in Photo Measure 

3. Select the Align Button: The Correct Perspective will be applied during this action.

4. Select the  Button

5. Select the Measure Button

6. Select the Draw area from alignment Button

7. Adjust the area to represent the desired "Area of Interest"

8. Select the Report Button to view your measurements.