Survey123: How to Create a Survey123 Form for Collecting Spike Data

Last Updated: May 09, 2019 03:53PM MDT

Create a Spike Survey in Survey123

For more information on Survey123, please see the IkeGPS Spike Support article How to use Spike with Survey123 for ArcGIS.

1. Download one of the Survey123 demo forms below onto your laptop.
      A. Download our Point to Point Spike Survey123 Sample Survey which includes collecting a Point to Point measurement; Measuring distance to an object; Measuring the area of an object; measuring the length of an object.
      B. Download our Basic Spike Survey123 Sample Survey which includes 3 Spike measurements: Measuring distance to an object; Measuring the area of an object; measuring the length of an object.

2. On laptop, sign in to Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS. You can download the Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS software for your computer through the Esri website here.

3. Click "New Survey". A drop down will appear: 

4. Title the new survey: 

5. A. Click the radio button for "File" in the left hand column to "Select an initial XLSForm design" from a file. B. Click "Browse for XLSForm..." to search for the Survey123 form that was downloaded to your laptop in step #1: 

6. Once you have found the form, click "Open": 

7. Click "Create Survey":

8. Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS will open the Survey as well as the Excel sheet.  In Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS, click Validate Input: 

9. Once vaildated, click "OK": 

10. Click "Publish" (Cloud icon): 

11. In popup window, click "Publish Survey": 

12. When publishing is completed, click "OK": 

13. Click the back arrow: 

14. Your survey will now appear on the Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS main page: 

15. On your mobile device, launch the Survey123 app and verify that you are signed in.

16. Tap the hamburger icon (to the right of "My Surveys" at the top of the screen): 

17. Tap "Download Surveys": 

18. Tap the new survey to download.

19. When the survey is finished downloading, tap "OK": 

20. The survey will now appear of the main screen under "My Surveys": 

Customizing your Survey123 Survey with Spike

Esri, the creators of Survey123 for ArcGIS, have detailed instructions on customizing and creating Survey123 forms. Your form can include a wide variety of data, including the Spike photo with measurement shapes as well as the metadata from the photo such as coordinates and measurements. Associated Spike and measurement metadata are recorded in the image file using Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) tags. The EXIF information can then be extracted and used to populate other fields within your survey.

There are two appearance value types: spike or spike-full-measure.  These appearance value types are under an image question that will display a  button to open the Spike mobile app. The spike appearance will only measure distance and location, while the spike-full-measure appearance type measures distance, location, area, and length. 


For specific information on customizing your Survey123 form, please see Esri's Support documents:

  • Media: Provides information on call tags that can be used in your survey to call various data from Spike (and other sources).
  • Appearance: Set the appearance for different question types within your form
  • Create Surveys: Instructions on creating any type of survey within Survey123